The European privacy law GDPR becomes enforceable on May 25. A perfect moment to reflect on that.

On this day you will find several events spread out all over campus, in which we dive into the influence of privacy and the new privacy regulations.

Morning session

  • Erasmus about privacy
  • The CIO en DPO in dialogue with the audience
  • Hack demo: how do hackers work and what can you do to protect yourself?
  • Privacy quiz: test how much you already know about privacy

Afternoon session

  • Student debate: Are Weblectures watching you?
  • Awards session and deabte Essay contest: ‘Privacy? Who cares!’
  • Vote for the audience award winner!


Power up your privacy!
During the morning session and the afternoon session there will be handed out powerbanks and webcam covers.

All day on campus

Do you dare enter the Mirror Room?  Every day you reveal information about yourself, whether deliberately or not. Do you want these personal data to be known to the world? What do you keep to yourself and what are you willing to share?

Expert Desk Privacy & Security. For all your questions about privacy and security. Win a sweet prize in the privacy-pop-quiz. Get your picture taken in the photobooth.