A crash course Visual Thinking: Drawing to structure your thoughts and ideas. Learn to think, collaborate and present better!

Everyone can draw! Visual thinking helps you to structure your thoughts, work faster and with more fun (together). This professional way of drawing is increasingly being used in business. In this masterclass by Flatland, academy for visual design thinking, you will learn why and how visual thinking works when thinking about complex matters, working together and presenting. In this crash course you learn the principles of making visual notes.

For whom?
For everyone who works together: in teams, with colleagues or fellow students. For entrepreneurs, managers, researchers, consultants etc.

About Flatland, academy for visual design thinking:
Flatland is a visual thinking agency, based in Rotterdam. By drawing and working visually, we empower teams to share their ideas, create a better understanding and make better decisions. We work with teams from several businesses to design their future strategy, create clarity and design activation campaigns. In the Flatland Academy we teach all kind of professionals to master the skill of visual thinking. This is your change to be part of it!

More information: Flatland

More information
Date: Tuesday 2 April 2019
Time: 19.30 – 21.30 hours
Location: Polak

Ticket information
Students: 3,50
Employee: 5,00

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Organised by Studium Generale in cooperation with Flatland