We created the I Lab U platform so people can meet in an informal setting, kind of like ‘speed-dating’, and talk about what their views on science are. Our speed dates are not about romance but about connecting people. You will get paired with people (scientists or public) and have five minutes to… just talk about science. What exactly you talk about is up to you. Do you want to talk about current research? Do you want to see the public’s opinion on your scientific topic? Do you have a burning question on a topic? Or maybe you have no idea why research is important. You are free to ask anything you want and get straight to the point.

All our events are completely free, and we also provide you with drinks and snacks. The only thing we need in return is an open mind.

IF YOU WANT TO JOIN US, PLEASE REGISTER ON OUR WEBSITE: https://ilabu.erasmusmc.nl/register.php