About the course

Always wanted to learn to play the guitar (better)? This course will provide you with a professional teacher who will learn you to play acoustic. Different styles are possible, pending on what you want (pop, jazz, classical).

Guitar lessons take place on Monday evening between 16.00 and 22.00 hrs. at campus Woudestein. The exact time is determined when at the end of the registration period, the groups are made.

  • Beginners lessons last 1 hour and the groups exist of 5 students, advanced lessons take place in a group of 2 and will last 1/2 hour.
  • You need to bring your own guitar for this course. Music will be provided by the teacher.


About the teacher

Teacher Ratko Zjaca performs on a regular base all around the world with the greaters jazz musicians. As a teacher he has years of experience teaching for various music schools.


More information
Date: 10x Mon, 10 Feb – 20 April
Time: beginners 1 hour (group of 5), advanced ½ hr (group of 2) between 16.00-20.00hrs
Location: Campus Woudestein

Course Fee
EUR-Students: €100,-
EUR-Employees: €140,-