Regardless of our fields of study or research, the desire to leave behind a thriving planet for future generations unites us all.

Currently, however, the traditional university setup falls short in addressing the big sustainability challenges we face. Bound by disciplinary lines and linear knowledge transfer, collaboration and innovation suffer.

But universities have the potential to lead the way towards sustainability. Across the Netherlands, universities (of applied sciences) are beginning to integrate sustainability into their operations, research, and education. Yet, there’s more to be done. How can we further enhance these efforts and amplify each other’s impact?

Now is the time for us to work together

The EUR Sustainability Summit 2024 invites students and staff from the EUR community, as well as peers from other higher education institutions across the Netherlands, to come together, share insights, and collectively devise common strategies.

Your voice is crucial, now more than ever

The Summit aims to ensure everyone is represented – students, staff, researchers – offering workshops and hands-on sessions where active participation in decision-making is encouraged.