Table Talk is an open conversation between students on a present-day topic. This edition will focus on the ways we can live our lives ethically, and the difficulties of trying to be conscientious.

From ethical banks to slow fashion, from trying to live waste free to purchasing from local suppliers only. The possibilities to lead a more sustainable life are numerous, and for almost every action or purchase there is a greener, more responsible alternative. But is this focus on individual actions not misleading? Some claim that, to make a real impact, change should happen collectively and that responsibility is shifted too much towards individuals. Can collective action be organized by individuals? Or should governments lead the way? And is the green lifestyle only a middle class pursuit?

Research suggests that there are four ways to minimize your carbon footprint: avoid traveling by plane, eat vegan, live car free, and particularly have fewer children. Although these lifestyle choices are more or less within reach, implementing them will drastically influence our daily lives and the course of our lives. How far is one expected to go, how much can you ask of yourself?

Getting through life can be tough enough in itself. Can we expect to additionally also carry the weight of the problematic state of our planet? And what does it do to a person, or a society, to feel this responsibility? How does quality of life, comfort and happiness relate to living ethically?

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Date: Wednesday 4 April 2018
Time: 12.30 – 13.30 hrs
Location: Sanders L1-015, Woudestein campus
Entrance: Free, including a free lunch
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