– Create your team of max 8 people (min 5) and sign up before 20 February
– On 25 February, there will be a qualification tournament to determine in which of the 3 divisions you will compete based on your team level.
– From 4 February and for 10 weeks, you will play one each Saturday one match (note: some weekends will be considered holidays, so you won’t play during these). Overall, you will place twice against each team of your division.
– There will NOT be knock-outs – depending on whether you win/lose or it’s a tie – your team will win points. The team with the most points at the end of the ten weeks will win the league in its division

Note: each match will be five against five, for 2×25 minutes.


The team does not have to be the same each weekend; you can come with new players each weekend. The only rules are:
– Your team must be at least five people
– Your team must be not larger than eight people
– You must let us know if your point of contact (team captain) changes.


425 € for the starting tournament and a 10-week competition, including referees and competition prices
-> Around €53 per person (for all 11 weeks) if you are a team of 8 people

More Information

Sign up as a referee for €15 per match! This way, if you referee 4 matches, you have already covered the cost of your matches!

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For more info or any questions, please contact: [email protected]