On the 7th of December we will host our Erasmus Music Quiz once more, this time together with the research group Music-as-Medicine of Erasmus MC! A quiz full of music rounds, trivia, and science! Can listening to music have a positive effect during surgery? Which music works best? And why are there so few female Metal artists? Just a few questions that are being researched at, amongst others, Erasmus University and that might come up during this quiz!

During the evening, physician-researchers Emy van der Valk Bouman Antiona Becker will join us. As part of the ‘Music-as-Medicine’ research group of Erasmus MC, they research ways to use music to improve patient care by implementing it as an innovative, evidence-based treatment within health care. As ‘heads of the jury’ they will provide us with all the facts about the science of music during this quiz.

But of course, there will also be plenty of rounds where you can sing along or where the musical answer will be on the tip of your tongue. Sign up your team (max 5 persons) quickly via our website!

Quizmaster: David Boeren (Studium Generale)

Language: English spoken