Solutions from multiple perspectives

Six teams composed of five students from MAEUR, Cedo Nulli, ERA, SHARE, In Duplo and SOLVE will engage in this battle to test their consultancy skills and defend the honor of their association. This means students in marketing, public administration, philosophy, healthcare management, economics and business will be represented in the ECB. Because the teams have different study backgrounds while analysing the same case, diverse solutions are to be expected.

Climate challenges in Rotterdam

The ECB is centered around a case that concerns climate adaptation in the city of Rotterdam. The case is developed together with the municipality of Rotterdam. This fits the lustrum theme ‘Science meets city‘ perfectly, since the ECB hereby forms a meaningful encounter between students and the city. During the battle, the teams will receive feedback from experienced consultants working at Twynstra Gudde, Deloitte and Gupta strategists.

Apply now!

You can registerOpens external for the team of your study association until 23:59 on Friday the 10th of May.