Inclusive Countries

Jannelieke Aalstein, MSc Public Administration at ESSB and outgoing director of ActionAid, tells more about ActionAid’s ongoing struggle for social equality, gender equality and against poverty around the world. The company focuses mainly on women, as they are generally still most severely affected in periods of crisis and are most often excluded in decision-making and social change. With ActionAid, Jannelieke empowers female leadership and supports people in developing countries to stand up for their rights.

Inclusive Cities

Karen Klijnhout, PhD candidate at ESHCC, researches the impact of cultural diversity in urban cultural organisations. She will explain the role that social class, gender, age, sexual orientation, race or ethnicity play in relation to feeling connected to a city or urban environment. Why can some forms of inequality be directly linked to urban surroundings and institutions? Karen will discuss these topics and relate them to striking examples.

Inclusive Companies

Anass Meziane is an RSM alumnus and founder of Wrokko: the bridge between bi-cultural talent and employers. Wrokko’s programmes focus on improving the career perspectives of talented employees for whom it was not obvious to continue studying. By doing so, the company’s goals contribute to a more inclusive labour market. Anass shows us around by discussing exemplary cases, the challenges his company is facing and the future of the inclusive workplace.

After the lectures, which will each take about 10-15 minutes, all guest speakers will participate in a panel discussion and answer questions from the audience. The interactive lecture will be moderated by Geert Maarse and will be in English.

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