The ‘Lunch Round Table’ will take place on the 4th of April, where 20 inspiring and successful individuals have the chance to interact with 60 highly motivated students. Various topics around the theme ‘Be The Difference’ will be discussed in small groups of students and individuals with valuable experiences in their path to success.

On the 5th of April, the ‘Plenary Opening Session’ will be the official start of the EFR Inspiration Days, where the opening speaker will provide a speech introducing and elaborating on this year’s theme.

After this, three simultaneous ‘Workshops’ will take place. Each session will be based on one of the three pillars that support the theme, namely: ambition, leadership, and determination. The purpose of these workshops is to start an interactive thinking process among students.

This part of the day will be followed by the ‘Playground’. Here, students will have the opportunity to come in contact with different companies like Masters in Finance, Turff and Amazon, among others. At the playground, these companies will host a fun interactive break with amusing activities, snacks and drinks.

The last exciting part of the day will start around 16:00, bringing the day to a spectacular end with the ‘Closing Session’. The keynote speaker will give an inspiring speech, which will be followed by a panel discussion on several interesting topics.

Afterwards there is the opportunity for drinks, and the possibility for students to exchange their thoughts and network with other students, speakers and companies.

To register for the event, click here. Note that you must be an EFR member to access the event.