The Dutch Student Orchestra (NSO) consists of the best student musicians from the Netherlands. This year they’ll perform beautiful works by Prokofiev and Shostakovich, and a special work, created by Hawar Tawfiq. With conductor Arjan Tien and top violinist Maria Milstein, this concert promises to be an unforgettable experience!

More information about the concert:
Violinist of world-class Maria Milstein plays the lyrical and dreamy First Violin Concerto by Prokofiev. The Russian-Dutch Maria Milstein has won two Edison’s and is a soloist at renowned orchestras worldwide. Experience the fairytale and mysterious atmosphere of the violin concerto. Shostakovich himself called ‘The Leningrad’, the ‘Requiem for the victims of the Stalin regime’. Shostakovich symbolizes in this piece the German invasion of the Soviet Union, the terror of Stalin and the courageous resistance of the inhabitants of Leningrad besieged by the Germans. This symphony, perhaps the most important of the twentieth century, is performed by the 67th edition of the Dutch Student Orchestra, consisting of about 100 ambitious students from all over the Netherlands.

Dutch Student Orchestra

Theme: ‘Overcome’
Conductor: Arjan Tien
Soloist (violin): Maria Milstein

Played music:
Hawar Tawfiq – Barazah (special composition for NSO)
Sergei Prokofiev – Violin concerto no.1
Dmitri Shostakovich – Symphony no. 7, ‘Leningrad’ (1941)

More information about the Dutch Student Orchestra (NSO):
Every year this orchestra unites approximately 100 students from all over the country. For the participants, who get selected through auditions, the NSO represents a unique chance of performing like a professional musician. In February the NSO rehearses for ten consecutive days, in preparation for 12 days of high-level performing in major concert halls in the Netherlands and abroad (

More information
Date: Monday 18 February
Time: 20.15
Location: De Doelen, Schouwburgplein 50, Rotterdam

Tickets for EUR students and staff only:
Students EUR: 3,50
Employees EUR: 7,50
Tickets can be purchased through the webshop.
Other visitors can buy tickets through De Doelen

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