Research not only progresses science, but also society. More and more awareness is growing for the fact that research is a motivator for scientific progress and the achievement of societal impact. Think about the prevention of viruses as Zika, or aiding integration of newcomers in Rotterdam’s neighborhoods.

Honorary doctorate

The creation of societal impact is embedded in the DNA of the Erasmus University. During the dies natalis, we honour three prominent scientists who not only conduct excellent research, but whose work is also of great value to society. They are receiving a honorary doctorate on recommendation of the three Erasmus Initiatives: interdisciplinary research projects that contribute to solutions for the great societal questions of our time.

  • Professor Davey Smith (University of Bristol) on recommendation of the Erasmus lnitiative Smarter Choices for Better Health. Clinical epidemiologist Davey Smith is one of the most important and innovative researchers in the world in the area of health inequality.
  • Professor Nina Glick-Schiller on recommendation of the Erasmus Initiative Vital Cities and Citizens. Anthropologist Glick-Schiller connects questions on migration, identity, power, citizenship and urban development.
  • Professor Debra Satz on recommendation of the Erasmus lnitiative Dynamics of lnclusive Prosperity. The American philosopher Debra Satz produces qualitatively outstanding contributions to a number of reserach areas, in particular ethics and social and political philosophy.

FAME Athena Award an Rotterdams Philharmonic Orchestra

During the ceremony, apart from the three honorary doctorate, one more distinction is awarded: the FAME Athena Award goes to a staff member who dedicates him- or herself to development of talent to realize more diversity at our university. Other than that, the Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra provides a unique musical intermezzo.

Date: 8th of November 2018

Time: 14:45 – 17:00

LocationAula, Campus Woudestein

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