What does the University offer students and societies?

There seems to be a growing need from the academic community to debate about what the role of the university should be in our current time. How should we imagine the relationship between the university and students? Are students consumers of education or is there a different perspective we should adopt? What should the university mean for society? Should the university be the main driver of the knowledge economy or should scientists research for knowledge sake? Many questions can be asked about the role of the university today. We hope to achieve productive discussions that reveal the stances of the academic community.

Schedule of the evening

  • Welcome by dr. Liesbeth Noordegraaf
  • Opening by President of VSNU Pieter Duisenberg
  • Individual introductory speeches of dr. Jiska Engelbert (Chairman Staff Division University Council appointed by  ESHCC and media and communication researcher), prof. Dr. Dirk van Dierendonck (Vice Dean of RSM and professor of Human Resource Management) and prof. dr. Willem Schinkel (Professor of Social Theory, co-founder EIPK and member of the Young Academy of KNAW)
  • Debate revolving around (audience) statements
  • Statement by student Janna Goijaerts
  • Closing by dr. Liesbeth Noordegraaf

Moderation by Robin van den Akker.