The popularity of dating shows is immense. From Married at First Sight to First Dates and Flirty Dancing to Ex on the Beach. We are loving it to watch people trying to find love on these shows. But for some people finding love proves to have other difficulties as seen in the popular show Love on the Spectrum. With two seasons of the show set in Australia already, there is now also an American season available. Why do we like to watch these shows and what do they tell us about autistic people?

This evening we will dive a little bit deeper into it by watching fragments from the shows with two experts:

  • Kirsten Visser from SARR Autism Rotterdam, with a PhD from the Erasmus MC on psychosexual development in autistic adolescents. Her clinical work and research focuses on diverse themes in sexuality in youth with autism and improving clinical care for this group.
  • Jeroen Dewinter, clinical psychologist at GGzE and senior researcher at Tranzo, Tilburg university. His research focuses on autism and wellbeing, with a special focus on sexuality and gender diversity.


More information:

  • Date: Tuesday 27 September
  • Time: 19.00 – 21.00 hours (Doors open: 18.30 hours)
  • Location: Theatre Erasmus Paviljoen
  • Entrance: free, but reservations recommended


Organised by Studium Generale and Erasmus School of Social Sciences