What would you like to program if you got the chance? 

Studium Generale challenges students of the EUR (including EMC and EUC) to organize a program / event. This can be anything! It should of course be for students and in line with the objective of Studium Generale.

Pitch your program proposal and maybe you will receive € 500, – program budget to run it!


The conditions:

  • The organization consists of one or more EUR students.
  • Your program proposal is consistent with the objective of Studium Generale (https://www.eur.nl/en/culture/studium-generale/about-us) and takes place under the name of Studium Generale.
  • The target audience of your program is the (international) students of EUR.
  • Include in your proposal: Description and motivation of the program idea, location, publicity, budget and expected number of visitors.
  • You will receive from us € 500, – program budget, but of course you can arrange additional funding yourself.
  • Submit your proposal before November 12018 at [email protected]
  • You’ll hear before November 7 if we have chosen your proposal for realization.