Story: The world as we knew it stands still. Everything is different, rules limit the virus, but also limit lives. Meeting new people, let alone falling in love with someone seems impossible with 1.5 meter distance, mouth masks and zoom calls. Students Anna and Kate meet each other on a platform where you can share music you like. The girls meet up and they really like each other. Unfortunately, Anna discovers that Kate and her friends are against all the corona measurements and that they want to spread certain “Anti-Mask” posters. Anna is very disappointed. Fortunately, Kate knows how to make up to Anna on a very funny way and the girls end up happily together after all.

Student Associations: RISK, WILDe Theatre, Rotterdam Student Orchestra and Erasmus Dance Society
Director: Angelika Geronymaki
Script: Farida Amr
Camera/editing: Giani Kasanmonadi & Karolina Szewczyk
Actors: Emma Gonzalez, Josephine Hünd, Lotte Vreugdenhil, Rebecca Kesting, Talita Berz

Tickets via Stager from September 1st.

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Date: Thursday 23 September 2021
Time: 20.00
Location: Erasmus Paviljoen

Ticket information
Tickets can be reserved via Stager from 1 Sept.

Organised by Cultural Platform with support by Studium Generale

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