After last year’s showcase titled Connection, the theme of this year’s showcase builds upon the diversity that unites us all. With that, we present the theme of this year’s showcase: Contrast. This is a performance that unites the interpretation of conflict occurring in the current world while exploring the beauty that arises during turbulent times. Through adversities caused by differences, EDS wants to use this performance to celebrate individuality and diversity, as we believe differences to be our only commonality. Using the medium of dance, we find unity in ranges of dissimilarity.

The performance consists of choreographies from Arisa Andreani Inagaki, Aya Batista, and Dyon Asmoro with the help of the dancers in the show teams. Each dance depicts different contrasts that we experience in our day-to-day lives. While Contemporary focuses on the contrast of euphoria and melancholia, High Heels on dominance and submission, Hip Hop will portray the contrast found in representation and misrepresentation. We hope that by watching these dances, as an audience, you can notice the contrasts and see some reflected in your own lives.

While creating this showcase, we discovered the things that make us who we are – coming to know ourselves as artists, dancers, and most importantly, as people. In the journey of self-discovery, we too find beauty and individuality within the people that we worked with. Through the celebration of individuality, diversity, differences, and one love for dance, we present to you, our second annual showcase: Contrast.

More information:

  • Date: Friday 20 May 2022
  • Time: 19:30 – 21:30 hours
  • Location: Theatre of Erasmus Paviljoen


Ticket information

  • Students: 7,50
  • Other visitors: 10,00
  • EDS members: 5,00
  • EDS alumni: 4,00


Organised by Erasmus Dance Society  32nd Board (Tessa Meulens, Daemon Ferlucci, Emilia Rissanen, Binderiya Ganbadraa & Nina van Lonkhuijzen) 
Directors & Choreographers: Arisa Andreani Inagaki, Aya Batista & Dyon Asmoro