Conny Janssen Danst has been offering opportunities to budding dance makers for more than ten years with the talent development project DANSLOKAAL. In the new project NEXT, Conny Janssen selects makers who are already somewhat further along in their careers. For the first edition, Antonin Comestaz will take on the challenge of developing new work with seven dancers and he will bring this to the Erasmus Pavilion theater, among other places.

Antonin Comestaz on his work “So far, so good.” For the project NEXT:
“For this project, I worked with seven energetic dancers in their early 20s with a strong team spirit. Therefore, the central theme that immediately inspired me was “youth.” I wanted to create a playground with a cheerful fraternity, a positive and energetic vibe, and a touch of foolishness that characterizes this period of life. I explore the camaraderie and mutual aid around physical games within the group but also zoom on individual relationships in duos and solos. In the creation process, I like to get inspired by the dancers and their personalities, which I want to highlight and give the audience the impression that they got to familiarise themselves with who the dancers are as humans.
Moreover, with the title “So far. so good.” I want to touch on the duality that typifies youth between the carefree lightness of living in the present and the hopes and dreams for a bright future.”

After the performance, the audience gets to talk to Antonin and several dancers about the making of a show, as well as the daily life of a dancer. The chance to finally ask how many hours a day they rehearse, whether to eat before or after the performance and how, as a choreographer, you make the dancers move exactly as you envision.

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Date: Wednesday 27 March
Time: 20.00-21.15 Doors open: 19.30
Location: Theater Erasmus Paviljoen

Students € 5,-
EUR-Employees € 7,50
Regular visitors € 15,-

Organised by Studium Generale and Conny Janssen Danst