FRAMED – the performance

‘FRAMED presents various lives in the city: each one with its own rhythm and routine, each one with its own yearning. We create an associative universe, a fragmented mosaic in which these characters pass through, wandering around in their own thoughts and contem­plations. Right now, at this moment in time, in which we live in greater isolation than we perhaps would like to, we demonstrate that every­ one has his own way of coping with the feeling that is hidden behind our day­to­day lives.’
– Conny Janssen

Watch the introduction

Dance expert Liesbeth Osse will talk to Conny Janssen, dancers Yanaika Holle and Remy Tilburg and dramaturge Judith Wendel. You’ll also get a look behind the scenes with dancers Adi Amit, Mariko Shimoda and Tu Hoang, set and video designer Thomas Rupert, costume designer Babette van den Berg and lighting designer Remko van Wely. To watch the video, use the password: framed-explained. View the introduction HERE (44 minutes, English subtitles).

Conny Janssen Danst – FRAMED original trailer

More information
Date: watch between Wednesday 12 May 20.00 hours and Thursday 13 May 18.30 hours
Tickets: free (only for EUR students and EUR employees), sign up through Stager to receive the link
Organisation: Studium Generale & Conny Janssen Danst (
Pictures by: Andreas Terlaak