Suggested Topics (only as inspiration, not exclusive!)

Did you produce/are you producing coursework or a thesis about…

  • Housing

  • Migration

  • Gender inequalities

  • Racial/ethnic inequalities

  • Poverty

  • Local activism

  • Social policies and their effects on different urban groups

  • Gentrification

  • Differentiated access to services and resources in the city

  • Or other related issues?


If you are interested in sharing your knowledge, please email [email protected] or fill this form before 18 May 2022 with which assignment you would like to present? For which course or program did you produce this essay, presentation, or thesis? Just use the email subject “Symposium June 11“. The title of the assignment and a brief description should be enough, but you can also send us the whole assignment and/or a link to it if it is finished. There is no need to write anything new!