By presenting 1.5 hours of choreography and videos in a wide variety of styles, moods and themes, COLLABORATION tells a multi-layered story that ranges from an individual, who becomes part of the dance culture and community, to personal experiences from the cast, which the audience may relate to.

The entire project is created by students, from the directing and choreography to the production and management of the show. This one-year long process will be shared on stage and the cast will invite the audience to witness the journey throughout the evening.

More information
Date: Tuesday 10 December 2019
Time: 20.00 – 22.00  hours
Location: Erasmus Paviljoen

Ticket information
Students: € 5,00
Other visitors: € 7,50

Organised by Erasmus Dance Society in cooperation with Studium Generale

Facebook: Erasmus Dance Society

Instagram: @erasmusdancesociety @D_Freezz