In collaboration with Plastic Whale, there will be two boats to clean the water in the Delfshaven area. Want to join? Please fill in the subscription form to participate in the event.

Spots are limited so hurry and sign up. The first participants to register, will have their spot ensured on the boat. In the case there are more people than the boats can fit, parties will be organized to clean the surrounding areas.

The event will be organized as follows:
– 11:30 am Meet at Mouterbrug, 3025 XG Rotterdam
– 12:00 pm Board Boats.
– 2:30 pm Arrive back on land and doet the plastic. We will give the collected plastic to Plastic Whale Foundation, who use it as a resource to make new boats!

We are not alone in our action. The event is supported by Plastic Whale, Recycled Island Foundation, who will provide the materials for cleaning the land, AIESEC in the Netherlands, and Post Plastic Generation. Together we can do more!

Let’s make the dream of litter-free channels of Rotterdam a reality. Join the Erasmus Clean Wave and tag along your friends, as each single contribution matters!