Date: Wednesday 6 March 2024
Time: 20:00 (drinks from 19:30)
Location: Independent School, Delftsestraat 33, Rotterdam
Admission: €10,- (regular), €6,- (reduced)
Language: English

What if we fundamentally misunderstand the economic principles that are supposed to help us create a better world? At De Dépendance they’ve been a fan of Christophers ever since recording their very first podcast Rentier Capitalism with him back in 2021.

In his latest book, Christophers offers an essential intervention in times of climate crisis. What if the problem is not that transitioning to renewables is too expensive, but that saving the planet is not sufficiently profitable? And how do we take back control?

Christophers will be joined by Sandra Phlippen, Professor in Sustainable Banking and Chief Economist at ABN AMRO.