Augmenting Learning in Higher Education is meant for professionals coming from science, education and the creative industry. Together we want to discuss what impact AR and VR could have on education and research. The program will cover a keynote, panel discussion and a project market, to experience the ongoing VR and AR projects firsthand.

12:00 Walk-in and Registration

13:00 Opening Speech

Michelle Olmstead (director Centre for Innovation) and Marcus Specht (director LDE CEL) will kick off this event. Carel Janssen will be your host for the day.

13:15 Keynote: A travel guide to immersive learning spaces

AR/360º VR apps built and tested at Leiden University’s Centre for Innovation

Four years ago, Leiden University’s Centre for Innovation embarked on the journey of exploring immersive learning opportunities in higher education. Thus far, the journey has yielded a variety of AR and 360º VR applications. These apps take unique learning environments such as surgeries, forests and archaeological sites into the classroom, teaching students about the process of a kidney transplantation, the effects of climate change, and the risks of archaeological field work. In this keynote the Centre for Innovation will share their lessons learned on the technological, educational and organizational aspects of this explorative adventure. Fasten your seatbelts!

13:40 Coffee break

13:45 Project Market

Grab a coffee and visit our market stalls and learn more about innovative applications of AR and VR.

15:00-15:50 Parallel Workshop sessions

Research Session: What is the added value of AR/VR for education research?

Industry Session: What are products trends and current applications?

16:00 Panel & Wrap up

16:30 Keynote: Designing for Engagement using Mixed Reality and Applied Games

Assoc. Prof. Stephan Lukosch, TU Delft

Science Fiction authors Orson Scott Card, Tad Williams and Vernor Vinge forecast a vision on applied games and mixed reality in the future. In several years from now, mixed reality game environments will be more engaging than ever before. They will empower distributed users to interact with the mixed reality environment and with each other. Users will have a high perception of presence and be aware of the environment around them. This presentation discusses different dimensions for creating engaging experiences alongside results of recent research projects using mixed reality and applied games in the safety & security, health and sports domain. It closes with a summary and an outlook on future work directions.

17:00 Drinks and Bites

Other information:
Date: 25th of June
Time: from 12.00 till 17.00
Location:PLNT Leiden, Langegracht 70 leiden