You probably spend multiple hours a day on campus, but have you really seen the beauty and details of it? In this photography course you will learn to look and see the elements that can make something that looks ordinary, special. During the 3 lessons you will be exploring a couple of the buildings on campus together.

You can bring your DSLR-camera, but your smartphone or simple snapshot camera will work as well. Please Notice: if you bring your DSLR-camera, the teacher expects you to understand the basics of this camera. She will not give you explicit explanations on how it works.

During the workshop there is enough time for asking questions and every student will get useful tips, based on your own needs and views. Your teacher will be photographer Ada Holleman. Ada has years of experience in giving photography courses and has a really good eye for finding the extra’s in ordinary surroundings. The course will leave you with a lot of inspiration and surprising pictures.

More information:
Course Dates:
Wednesday 18 April 16.00-18.00
Wednesday 25 April 16.00-18.00
Wednesday 9 May 16.00-18.30

Location: Erasmus University (various locations)

Students: €35,-
Employees: €60,-
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