Of course, it’s hard to predict what our university will look like in another 110 years. Nevertheless, we do have to try as a university to prepare ourselves for the future as best as possible. Because even then we still want to play a crucial role as a scientific institution when it comes to finding smart, sustainable solutions for big issues such as poverty, social inequality, climate change, pandemics and human rights.

After all, that’s our university’s entire reason for being – both now and in the future.
As part of our 110th Dies Natalis, we will embark on a journey to explore new horizons and answer the question of how, in another 110 years, EUR can still be a top university that creates positive societal impact. As such, the theme of our 110th Dies Natalis, taking place on Wednesday 8 November 2023, is as follows:

‘Making Minds Matter: New Horizons’.

Registering for the Dies Natalis

Registration via the online registration form is required for access to the programme in the Aula and the reception. The official language is Dutch. Simultaneous translation to English will be made available. Questions about (registration for) the Dies Natalis? Please send an email to [email protected].

(Re-)watching the Dies Natalis online

The 110th Dies Natalis can also be watched via a livestream that is publicly accessible. After the event, the recordings can also be viewed here. All of that can be found here.

Three speakers who represent ‘Making Minds Matter’

Making – Act like an entrepreneur: Nima Salami

Nima Salami (EUR graduate, CEO and co-founder of the OASYS NOW start-up, and winner of the 2022 Erasmus University Challenge) discusses how his company’s technology puts people back in control of the storage and distribution of their DNA.

Minds – Think like a scientist: Guido Imbens

Guido Imbens, Professor of Economics and Applied Econometrics at Stanford University, EUR alumnus and winner of the Nobel Prize for Economics (2021), will receive an honorary doctorate from honorary supervisor Professor Dinand Webbink (ESE).

Matter – Care like a citizen: Erasmus professor Eveline Crone

Erasmus professor Eveline Crone will engage in conversation with us about creating societal impact. In addition, the new Erasmus professor will be announced.

Photography & video

Photographs and video recordings will be made during the Dies Natalis. It is possible that you are recognisable in the picture. As a visitor, you give permission for the storage and use of these images for commercial purposes.

For more information, visit the Dies Natalis page. Do you have any questions? Please send an email to [email protected].