Amr Aladdin

Amr Aladdin

Amr Aladdin is BSc. International Economics and Business Economics – Second Year Erasmus School of Economics Bachelor Honours Class 2017/2018.

During my time at the University Council, I’m fully dedicated to achieve the following:

  • The digitalization of EUR; lectures and class material recorded and available online for students.
  • Better international exposure and collaborations with large institutions for better opportunities to students (conferences/exchange/research).
  • Long run solution for the lack of on campus study spaces.
  • Incorporating sustainability principles into our campus, regarding waste control, energy and water.
  • Action plan towards the elevating housing crisis for students in Rotterdam.
  • Diversity and equal opportunities for all EUR students.

As already part of the ESE School Council 2018/2019, I’m looking forward representing ESE at the University Council which will allow better collaboration between both councils. Acting as a direct channel, I will help in the transmission of information and point of views from the school council to the university council which will definitely come in Erasmus School of Economics’ favor.

Nadine Nieuwstad

Nadine Nieuwstad

Hi! My name is Nadine Nieuwstad and I am a student of the MSc Quantitative Finance. I have been a member of the University Council for the past two years, fulfilling various leadership roles, including the chairmanship of the student body and of the financial committee. I have thus accumulated much expertise and knowledge about most topics and procedures. I am also highly familiar with the political situation, both at the EUR and at the national level, and have built a substantial network. My achievements are centred on the financial support fund for boards and councils, the EUR’s allocation model, professionalisation of participatory bodies, involvement in national discussions, cooperation with student and study associations, and my membership of the steering group of the Community for Learning and Innovation.

For the next year, I aim to:

  • Increase the structural norm of the number of study spaces (currently, it is only at 10% of the student population, and external users of EUR facilities are not factored in);
  • Increase my involvement in national discussions, representing the vision of EUR students on selectivity and limited growth of the student population, in view of the quality of education;
  • Have an active role in the development of the next EUR strategy, thereby including input from student organisations among others;
  • Facilitate successful completion of the dossier ‘allocation model’ by continuing my chairmanship of the financial committee; and
  • Continue to tighten the loop between participatory bodies of different levels and faculties.

Vote for me if you believe in my expertise and goals!

Jitte Dingenouts

Jitte Dingenouts

Hey everyone,

My name is Jitte, I am 22 years old and I want to have an impact on your student life! During my studies, I continuously tried to make an impact on different people’s lives. I put myself out there for fellow students, prospective students, teenagers who are mentally handicapped and charities like the Foundation Friends of Sophia and the High Five Foundation.

When I started with my Bachelor in Econometrics, I joined the Freshmen Committee at FAECTOR to make sure that students would be able to attend fun events and get to know their fellow students better. In my second year, I became an ambassador for the Erasmus School of Economics such that I could help prospective students to pick the right studies and university.

Besides becoming an ambassador in my second year, I stood up for teenagers who are mentally handicapped. Among other things, we taught them how to work in a restaurant.

After finishing my Bachelor, I decided that I wanted to make an even bigger impact on students and especially on the development of students. That’s why I applied for the position of Educational Officer in the board of FAECTOR. Luckily, I got selected for this position and I am currently the Educational Officer of FAECTOR. As always, I set a high bar for myself. For example, I wanted Google to participate in our Excellence Programme, which you could compare to Honours Class. In the end, Google participated in our program with a custom made inhouseday about Machine Learning! This was the first contact FAECTOR has ever had with Google.

Being an Educational Officer has motivated me even further to have an impact on people and their development. However, this time I do not only want to focus on students from the Erasmus School of Economics, but I rather stand up for all students from Erasmus University. Therefore, I am running for election for the University Council of 2018/2019.

My previous experiences have taught me the skills I need to tackle university wide problems, and I will use these to improve your study experience at Erasmus University to the max. Vote for me if you want a motivated, hardworking, skilled and experienced student to represent you in the University Council next year!

Pardis Rahmani


A candidate student for the International Economics Master’s Program at Erasmus School of Ecnomics and expecting to be graduated from my previous Master’s studies of Environmental Economics, in August 2018.

I am passionate about international trade and development, not only from the economic perspective, but also in terms of social, environmental and humanitarian affairs. I believe in the power of effective communication, hard work and compassion. These elements are key in making positive changes and overcoming today’s global challenges.

My favorite hobby is playing sports. Rowing in beautiful waters of Rotterdam is a passion I have developed over my stay in The Netherlands. I also enjoy cooking, watching movies and reading.

Parallel to my studies, I have worked in different international communities. Namely, 9 months in Lagos, Nigeria with the Emirates Vacation Company. My first official employment was teaching English in a language institute in Tehran, Iran. I’ve also worked in sales related departments, as well as public and international relations.

In 2016, I was nominated by the University of Tehran as the first Iranian student for an exchange program with a European country and spent a great semester studying at Erasmus University from September to December 2017.

After being a part of such an international environment, I am strongly motivated to run for Erasmus University Council. My goal is to enhance the quality of our student experience, by proudly being your representing voice. Working together towards new ideas, we can make education more fun and enjoyable. It’s my ambition to make Erasmus even more receptive towards its students needs.

You may vote from 18 to 25 April at the elections website On the first and last day of the elections you will also be able to vote at the booth of the University Council in the hall of the Theil building (C).

If you’re a candidate and still want to supply a motivation or a photo, please email [email protected].