During this special pandemic situation, we, as the members of the Social Inclusion Committee cooperating with Erasmus Magazine, want to create a platform through social media where students could express their feelings and thoughts that are resonated with other students.

Your stories could be posted in Erasmus Magazine and exert an influence on people who struggle with Covid!

To participate in this contest, you will have to write a short story around 900-1000 words related to Covid. For example, you could explore your creative sides by writing how Covid had changed your life and the relationship around you. You could also write and share your own personal growth during this challenging time!

Your stories can either be fictional or realistic. However, we’d like to ask you to just try on focusing on one specific theme when creating your story.

After submitting your stories, we will filter them first and post the most fascinating stories online. Then the audience will vote for their favourite ones and decide the final winners!

The setting of the prizes

The First Prize: 40 euros & the story posted on website and socials Erasmus Magazine
The Second Prize: 30 euros
The Third Prize: 20 euros

How to participate:

The deadline for submitting your work will be the March 20th. Please don’t miss it!

Once you fill out the application form, you will receive a confirmation email attached with all the details including the method of submission.

Come and sign up for our event! We can’t wait to receive your wonderful stories!

Click here to go to the application form on ESN’s website