Since the summer of 2023 there have been all-gender bathrooms on the Erasmus University campus. Recently the University Council made a proposal to cut down the number of the all-gender facilities from 28 to 14 percent.

The proposal was met with opposition from other council members, who argue that lowering the number of all-gender bathrooms could have damaging consequences to LGBTQ+ students and staff. “It is not just about acceptance of trans, non-binary and gender non-conforming students, but it is a space that is actively inclusive of them”, comments vice president Marit Dukker from Erasmus Pride about the implementation of all-gender bathrooms.


Turns out that the odd one out in the all-gender toilets space are the urinals. “Personally, I don’t mind it, but I feel it is a bit weird that there are urinals”, comments student Mila on the topic of using the all-gender bathroom on campus. It might take some time coming accustomed to the presence of urinals for some. Mira, a Pedagogical Sciences student, comments: “First it was a bit odd but now I am used to it.” “It is not a problem for me, but for some people maybe it is a little bit weird if you walk in and see a man standing there”, comments Femke, a student coming out of the all-gender bathrooms in Mandeville building.

Dukker agrees on the topic. “All-gender toilets without enough privacy (those with urinals outside stalls) can make students uncomfortable, which should be taken seriously. Reducing the number of all-gender toilets with the current implementation does not solve the privacy issue. They are currently not perfect but removing them is more harmful.”

Pleasing amount of all-gender bathrooms

According to the responses, there seems to be an understanding between students that having at least partly all-gender bathrooms on campus is a good thing. “I think there should be both women, men and also all gender”, says Mila. Another student seems to confirm. “Yeah, I think that it is beneficial to the people that need it. I don’t think it’s causing problems to other people”. “I think you should have the right to choose, so it nice to have one floor with men and women bathrooms and another floor all-gender”, comments Femke. Taras, another student, adds: “The number of the all-gender toilets is pretty sufficient, and the university should keep it the way that it is”.

Still there seems to be a reluctancy for all-gender when urinals are involved. “I think there should be both women, men and also all-gender but not with urinals”, says Mila. For Erasmus Pride members having all-gender bathrooms on campus holds a significant value “Our members are happy with the existence of the all-gender toilets on campus, as they make them feel seen and represented at this university. Although you could say it’s just a toilet, it actually makes a big difference, as it is a clear sign of recognition from the university”, explains Marit.

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