All of the finalists have different study programmes, backgrounds and stories. What they have in common is that they are selfless and socially engaged. They are also extremely modest! Each of them reacted with surprise to the news of their nomination and selection as finalists.

The jury this year comprises:

  • Annelien Bredenoord, Rector Magnificus (chair of the jury);
  • Hassnae Boubrik, winner of Student of the Year 2023;
  • Peggy Wijntuin, former member of the municipal council and advisor on projects about the Netherlands’ slavery past;
  • Robert Dur, professor at the Erasmus School of Economics;
  • Veerle Petersen, President of Eurekaweek 2023;
  • Laurens Wielaard, Erasmus Sport and EUR lustrum committee.

Fleur and Emma, both Medicine students, started a buddy programme after the attack at Erasmus MC last September. They heard that students were afraid to return to the Education Centre and wanted to help by pairing first-year students with older students who were already familiar with Erasmus MC. Yasmine studies Law, Public Administration and Sociology, which is an achievement in itself, but her nomination is mainly due to her commitment to the An-Nahl Foundation. This foundation aims to break the vicious cycle of poverty for orphans by focusing on both education and play.

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Student of the Year Awards 2024

A live show to celebrate the societal impact of our students!

Selda is committed to helping students from migrant backgrounds and first-generation students at Erasmus University. She does this partly in her position as president of the student association Mozaik. She is pursuing a master’s degree in Health Care Management. Mohammed, a first-year Medicine student, is a Palestinian refugee working for victims in Gaza. He shares a lot of information about the situation there to tell fellow students about what is going on. Mahika is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Management of International Social Challenges. She advocates for marginalised groups in many areas, including families in India and Myanmar, through fundraising and other activities. She also planted mangrove trees in Myanmar.

This summary does not do justice to the students’ stories. Therefore, starting next weekend, we are going to be publishing interviews with the finalists. The Student of the Year winner will be announced on 29 May.

The election for Student of the Year is organised by Studium Generale and Erasmus Magazine. The jury chose the finalists from the submitted nominations. From 13 May, you can vote for one of the students. These votes will count towards the final result. The jury vote and votes in the hall on 29 May will also count.

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Hassnae Boubrik won the Student of the Year election

The audience cheered when presenters David Boeren and Tessa Hofland announced at the end…