On our Instagram, we already do this every week. We have a topic and ask our followers: Let’s talk! On Fridays, we share the results. We are now expanding that instatalk because we want to hear from you too!

Nijmegen-based NEC will face Feyenoord in the KNVB Cup final on Sunday. If they win, you can come to the Binnenrotte from 09.00 on Monday 22 April. After three hours of pre-party, the official celebration is at 12.00. How to get out of lecture? Did you tell the lecturer weeks ago that your cousin is getting married? Or do you have some other original excuse? We would love to hear from you. We won’t snitch. And that promise goes for all staff members too, mind you. Who will cover your tutorial group because you really can’t make it on Monday?

Is there room for you to skip a few hours on festive days like this? Or do you only now understand why that colleague moved that appointment to Tuesday? Whatever it is: we’d love to hear about it. Now fingers crossed that Feyenoord wins. Otherwise Rotterdam will have a very different hangover after the weekend.

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