There were polling stations at various Erasmus University sites for the general election last week, with voters being able to cast their ballot at the Woudestein campus, the EMC and at the EUC building last Wednesday. The results of the three sites largely correspond with one another, but show major differences with election results nationwide. At all three locations, GroenLinks-PvdA, VVD and D66 ended up in the top three, with GroenLinks-PvdA in the lead by a country mile. These parties were followed by the PVV, Volt and NSC in varying positions at all three sites.


At the polling station in the Theil building, GroenLinks-PvdA took the lead with 28 per cent of the vote, followed by the VVC with 19 per cent and D66 with 15 per cent. Volt, NSC and PVV took fourth, fifth and sixth place.


GroenLinks-PvdA similarly emerged as the largest party at the Erasmus University College building, receiving 30 per cent of the vote. The remainder of the top three was likewise unchanged, with the VVD coming in second (16 per cent) and D66 coming third (13 per cent). The PVV came fourth (8 per cent), Volt came fifth (8 per cent) and NSC took sixth place (7 per cent).


At the Erasmus MC, GroenLinks-PvdA was likewise the largest party (32 per cent), however, in this instance, D66 came second (16 per cent), followed by the VVD (13 per cent). The PVV similarly took fourth place (8 per cent) at the EMC, followed by NSC (7 per cent) and Volt (6 per cent).

D66 nevertheless takes prominent position

The results of the polling stations differ from the poll that was carried out by EM ahead of the election. D66 was not very popular in the poll, but the party nevertheless performed well at the election itself. The PVV similarly received a small number of votes in the poll but made the top six at all three polling stations. The SGP and Forum voor Democratie, by contrast, performed well at the poll, but accounted for no more than 1 per cent of the vote for each party at all three polling stations. GroenLinks-PvdA’s significant lead, however, was consistent with the outcome of the poll.

Any difference between the poll and the actual results may be due to the fact that the poll was only completed by Erasmus students and members of staff, whereas the polling station was open to the general public. Conversely, many students and members of staff will not have voted on campus but will have cast their ballot at another location.

Libertaire Partij, LEF and blank ballots

The Libertaire Partij and LEF were the parties that performed the worst at the university locations, both receiving only one vote. Five blank ballots were cast at the EMC, with a further blank vote at the EUC.