Adelaide Semoli, a Communication and Media student, has experienced both living alone and with roommates. “I currently live with two of my friends, but I used to live alone in the XIOR building on campus, which I really enjoyed that as well.” She added that the best thing about living alone is the privacy you get. “Now I’m living with roommates, privacy becomes a blurred line, because sometimes they can just barge into my room. But to be fair, they are my best friends.”

Defne Herdem, an Economics student, expects to live with roommates soon. “I have lived alone for the past two years, but next academic year I will be moving in with my friends and get to experience living with roommates.”

Felix Schauss, another Economics student, has roommates with, in his view, a quirky habit. “It does not bother me, but they do eat a lot of meat.” Nicholas Kellenaers, a Business Administration student, talks about his biggest argument with his roommate. “He loves cleaning and I hate it. So he would always get mad at me and ask me ‘Nicho, please clean this up.’”

Lenteweer – Wouter Sterrenburg – Erasmus Magazine (1 of 8) (EM)

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