Liberi Erasmi, with slightly fewer votes, also secured four seats, growing one seat compared to last academic year. The Progressive Student Party and the Erasmus Student Coalition enter the council for the first time, with two students each.

This year’s elections – the second in which student parties were allowed to compete – represent a positive turning point from the past, in which student enthusiasm continually declined. Compared to last year, turnout increased by over 3 percentage points, from 5.4 to 8.7 percent. That means some 1,300 more votes were cast than last year.

Erasmus United was the only party to narrowly miss the electoral threshold. The list of Rick Vuijk and Myouska Zwijnenburg received 212 votes. That was more than half of Erasmus Student Coalition (337 votes, 2 seats) but due to the residual seat system, United still did not get a single seat.

This means there’s no room left for individual councillor from the student part of the council. Erin van Gestel was the only individual candidate who made it into the council last year, and she may be the last for years. The new council will consist of four parties: Erasmus Alliance (4), Liberi Erasmi (4), Progressive Student Party (2) and Erasmus Student Coalition (2).

Among staff, there were elections only at the Rotterdam School of Management (RSM), Erasmus School of Philosophy and Professional Services. At the RSM, Katarzyna Lasak won over Richard Brunnquell de Stachelski by a few votes. At Philosophy, incumbent councillor Max Wagenaar won from professor and former MP Ronald van Raak. Jaap Cornelese lost his seat on behalf of Professional Services to Pedro van Gessel, while the second seat went to incumbent councillor Sebastiaan Kamp.

University Council 2023-2024


Erasmus Alliance: Timo Zandvliet, Cagla Altin, Emre Ulusoy, Yasin Demir.
Liberi Erasmi: Nawin Ramcharan, Wincey Randoe, Iwany Alberts, Jaron Buitelaar
Progressive Student Party: Maryam Ahmed Mohamed, Tom van Dijken
Erasmus Student Coalition: Archaf Taouil, Rami Elorabi


Albert Wagelmans (ESE), Natascha Kraal and Ernst Hulst (Erasmus MC), Katarzyna Lasak (RSM), Linda Dekker (ESSB), Max Wagenaar (ESPhil), Aleid Fokkema (ESHCC), Pedro van Gessel and Sebastiaan Kamp (Professional Services), Rosita Boedhai-Jansen (ISS). ESSB’s second seat is still vacant.


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