Who doesn’t like to decorate their home with souvenirs, arts, and some DIY projects? In this student housing once decorations are put up, Laurine, Rosa, and Ella never get rid of them, creating a very random collection. In the living room, there’s a broken TV, DIY wine bottle candles, Christmas decorations, and a mushroom house.

Residents: Laurine, Ella, Rosa

Where: Rotterdam South, Oud Charlois

Rent: 1900 euros including utilities

Trademark: Random business hours schedule that guests always try to figure out

But which items are most valuable to the roommates personally? Laurine adores her souvenirs from South Africa, where she used to live, which she coupled with some Christmas tree decorations and displayed on the windowsill. Rosa’s most random thing is her Girl in Red’s vinyl which she keeps in her closet. Ella couldn’t decide between an old Victorian doll and a parking violation ticket that her friend gave her before she left the US.

Although the roommates would like to get rid of some things (and replace them with others!), they truly take pride in their randomly decorated home as the decorations remind them of many wonderful moments.

Their claim: Most randomly decorated house in Rotterdam

Why: Roommates never take down decorations once they are up. They still have Christmas baubles in April!

Best decoration: Mushroom house from Action that was only 4 euros

Most authentic aspect: An impressive collection of spices

Final judgment: EM certifies that this is the most randomly decorated house in Rotterdam! There is nothing you wouldn’t find here!