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Hao-You and Min-Jon first met while studying in Taiwan and are now together in Rotterdam. They have been a couple for four years and nine months. They completed their Bachelor’s degrees in Taiwan and are now taking the same Master’s in Management at the Rotterdam School of Management.

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Charlotte Groddeck and Rachel Rodriguez Schwarz fell in love here on the Woudestein campus. The two German students are both studying International Business Administration. Rachel and Charlotte have officially been a couple for the past six months.

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Valentin and Manon have been together for two years. The high-school sweethearts come from Brussels. They aren’t studying in Rotterdam, just visiting a friend who is taking the International Bachelor of Economics and Business Economics here.

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Sparks first flew between Madeline and Lounis during the 2021 Eureka week. Shortly afterwards, they got together officially. Lounis (from Belgium) is studying Economics and Madeline (from Zimbabwe) is studying Psychology.

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Elisa and Francesco got to know each other at university, just not in Rotterdam. They are visiting a friend who is studying here at the Erasmus School of Economics. The Italian couple have been together for three years.

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International Business Administration student Kalina met her boyfriend Ansgar in their final year of secondary school. They were friends first and only became a couple later  that was a year ago now. Ansgar is not studying in Rotterdam.

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The Greek couple have been together since they were fifteen, which is nine years ago already! Marious is visiting his girlfriend Natalia in the Netherlands for the second time. Since Natalia started her Master’s degree in Media and Creative Industries, the two have maintained a long-distance relationship.

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Mike from Latvia and Dania from Mexico have been together for three months. They met for the first time on campus.

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Luky from Indonesia, who is taking the Master’s in Health Psychology & Digital Interventions, met Martijn at the Asian Food Festival in Rotterdam. They have been a couple for six months.

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