Red is no coincidence

Wat draag je onder je yoga-109DiesNatalis-Harriët Schelhaas, hoogleraar Privaatrecht en decaan bij de Erasmus School of Law- foto door Geisje_2
The red of the law faculty is deliberately reflected in the shoes of dean Harriët Schelhaas. Image credit: Geisje van der Linden

Harriët Schelhaas, Professor of Private Law and Dean of the Erasmus School of Law, has a hint of red on her black shoes. Precisely the red of the Faculty of Law. “This certainly isn’t a coincidence”, says Schelhaas about her fashion choice. The colours of each faculty have a special significance for the members of that faculty. “Everyone is wearing smart shoes. According to the rules, men have to wear a tie, so I always wear a necklace”, she adds, pointing to her rainbow-coloured necklace.

Out of respect for the beadle

Wat draag je onder je yoga-109DiesNatalis-Moniek Buijzen, hoogleraar Communication and Behavioural Change bij de ESSB – foto door Geisje_3
After some hesitation, Erasmus professor Moniek Buijzen chose her Dr Martens Adrians after all. Image credit: Geisje van der Linden

That morning, Moniek Buijzen, Professor of Communication and Behavioural Change at the ESSB and now also Erasmus Professor, was still having doubts about sneakers. One time, she wore a pair of sneakers at a doctorate conferral and someone commented on them. So this time, she decided on a pair of Dr Martens Adrians. “So I am actually wearing black shoes – not out of respect for protocol, but out of respect for the person taking the role of beadle.” And the jeans she’s wearing under her gown? “Oh yes, but I’ve never heard anything about these being forbidden.”

'These shoes aren't actually allowed'

Wat draag je onder je yoga-109DiesNatalis-Steven Lamberts, voormalig rector magnificus 2004-2009 – foto door Geisje_1
Well, actually they should be plain black shoes, former rector Steven Lamberts knows. Yet no one will call him out on these proper shoes. Image credit: Geisje van der Linden

“These shoes aren’t actually allowed”, says Steven Lamberts, former Rector Magnificus (2004-2009). “These were the hip shoes back in my day.” The black leather shoes have a pattern on them, and according to Lamberts are not really suitable for official occasions. They should be plain black. Then, he has to laugh when he sees that the shoes of his colleague former Rector Huib Pols don’t have laces but a buckle instead. “Ha, then my shoes are actually the most appropriate here. They have laces, and that’s a requirement.”

‘Somebody commented on that type of shoe at my inaugural lecture’

Wat draag je onder je yoga-109DiesNatalis-Huib Pols, voormalig rector 2013-2018 – foto door Geisje_1
Most people do not see the buckle on former rector magnificus Huib Pols’ shoes because the gown is hanging over them. Image credit: Geisje van der Linden

The shoes worn by Pols, who is also a former Rector (2013-2018), are smart and plain black. “I wore shoes similar to those (pointing to Lamberts’ patterned shoes) for my inaugural lecture, and someone commented on them. The shoes were supposed to be plain black.” Pols says these are not his smartest shoes, but they are pretty comfortable. “And that’s worth a lot, too.”

‘We’re not that strict at the ISS’

Wat draag je onder je yoga-109DiesNatalis-Karin Arts, hoogleraar International Law and Development en bij het International Institute of Social Studies- foto door Geisje_2
She chose Professor Karin Arts’ blue heels because they go well with both the gown and her dress. Image credit: Geisje van der Linden

Karin Arts, Professor of International Law and Development and a member of the International Institute of Social Studies, has gone for dark-blue heels. “I do make sure that the shoes match the gown”, she says. But the faculty colour for the ISS is beige/champagne, and so the stole of the gown has the same colour. “At the ISS, we’re not as strict as they are here”, says Arts with regard to the dress code at official occasions. But slippers really would be beyond the pale, because the shoes still have to be smart.


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