Zerui (24), master student of Econometrics

Half of Zerui’s wardrobe is still with her parents in China. That can be tricky when you want to wear a certain garment. Image credit: Geisje van der Linden

“This outfit makes me feel cute and happy. I’m not a morning person, and picking an outfit helps me get out of bed. A new day means a new outfit and new energy. I select a phone cover to match my outfit whenever I can. Today, the red cherries on my phone cover match those on my vest. I might wear something more businesslike for presentations, but I always make sure there’s a cute detail.”

Ayca (21), third-year Psychology student

The mere fact that Ayca’s shoes are also black and white is no coincidence. She thought about it the morning before college. Image credit: Geisje van der Linden

“I wear this yellow necklace a lot. The colour yellow is summery and gives off festival vibes. I don’t wear any other bright colours. They might look good on other people, but I prefer monochrome. I mainly picked this outfit for comfort, so that I could get a few more winks during my first lecture at 9 am. My dress style is more formal than during my first year, when everyone wore sweats because of the coronavirus pandemic.”

Marijn (18), first-year International Bachelor Arts and Culture Studies (IBACS) student

According to Marijn, it is not difficult to be called a ‘fashionista’ in Zeeland, where he is from. You are quickly noticed there. Image credit: Geisje van der Linden

“I’m always mindful of my silhouette, as you can tell from this broad-shouldered blouse. Black is the only colour for me – it reflects my Goth side. A good outfit should be seen as well as appreciated. Some of my outfits, like the one I’m wearing today, are too good to throw on for only a couple of hours. They deserve more attention. That’s when I change into something else.”

Agata Frackowiak (19), first-year IBACS student

Agata’s shoes look black, but in the sunlight you can see that there is a ‘rainbow’ shine over the black lacquer. Image credit: Geisje van der Linden

“Bright colours cheer me up, even when I feel sad. I don’t believe I’ve got anything black in my wardrobe. Dressing in bright colours can be tricky, as it makes you stand out from the crowd so much. But I’m a massive Harry Styles fan – he gives me the courage to dress like this.”

Bart (26), Media & Journalism student

Jeans in the burning heat? Too hot and impractical, according to Bart. Image credit: Geisje van der Linden

“I bought this grey pinstripe suit to wear to a wedding. Or rather, the wedding was a great excuse to buy it. I’m a little older than most students, so I don’t mind standing out. That said, I never dress particularly loudly. It’s way too hot for jeans today – this makes me feel much better.”

Jordan (18), fellow first-year IBACS student

On Pinterst and Instagram, Jordan has entire online collections for outfit inspiration. Image credit: Geisje van der Linden

“I always look at colours, prints and fabrics, and whether items go well together. The combination of pearl buttons, a pearl necklace and pearl earrings is no accident, but a conscious decision on my part. I get my inspiration from films such as Clueless and The Devil Wears Prada. My usual dress style is ‘form over function’. Only this morning, my first thought when getting on the underground was: did I really have to pick that short skirt?”

Puck (21), pre-master student of Econometrics

Puck has two sisters, and one of them likes to ‘borrow’ an item of clothing from her. But all three of them have their own style of clothing. Image credit: Geisje van der Linden

“It’s nice out today, so I wanted to wear a skirt, which I like to combine with these boots or my platform loafers. I’m really into fashion. I buy almost all of my stuff through Instagram, where you can get inspiration from brands all over the world. This top is by an Australian brand called With Consideration, which only has 18,000 Instagram followers. The downside is that the import duty is really high.”