Koning’s health had not been good for years, but despite his physical condition he always remained involved in education and research, gave intensive lectures, supervised theses or served as co-reader, and was a welcome questioner at school seminars.

Alex Koning was a statistician at heart. He graduated in 1982 in Applied Mathematics at the University of Amsterdam and in 1991 he obtained his PhD in Twente in the same field. He then became affiliated with the Econometric Institute of Erasmus School of Economics, where he was awarded the Umbra Erasmus in August 2015 for his 25 years of service.

Alex Koning showed a broad interest in his research, and both applied and theoretical statistics had his attention. Judging by his impressive list of publications, his knowledge was enormous and he was often questioned by colleagues. As his direct colleague, I cherish my memories of the joint publications we worked on and the courses we taught together. We will miss his generous smile and his recognisable presence.Our condolences go out to his partner and his family.

On behalf of the management team of Erasmus School of Economics,

Dean Prof. Patrick Groenen