“These couches are super comfy! We found them on the street, actually”, Greta explains while showing her spacious living room that has a unique view of the Maas. She and her three roommates live in a three-story apartment in Rotterdam South that offers stunning views across the Maas. However, this is not the only thing that makes this apartment stand out, as Greta, Nisha, Olga and Hannah claim to be living in the most artsy apartment in Rotterdam.

Residents: Greta, Nisha, Olga, Hannah

Rent: 2750 euro includes coffee machine and toaster that don’t work

Where: Kop van Zuid

Trademark: Views of the Maas and lots of art

A collection of hats, a scooter they found on the street and a sound system for house parties. Not unusual things for a student house, but after entering the apartment, it’s clear that the girls are not living in an average student accommodation.

The four girls are all art enthusiasts and therefore made sure to add personal touches to the apartment. “This is an amazing painting Olga and I did when we moved to the apartment”, Nisha describes while presenting a painting made of cardboard. As she studies Graphic Design, she is also the one that has the most art in her room, as she creates a lot herself. The girls consider themselves artsy not only because of the interior but also because they are artistic through playing the piano (Greta) or creating TikToks (Hannah). Therefore, they try to look stylish when leaving the house, as Olga laughingly states: “We always leave home looking steezy.”

Their claim: Most artsy apartment

Why: Four arts enthusiasts living together

Most authentic aspect: Many paintings they made themselves

Best decoration: Scooter they found on the street

Final judgement: The apartment and its views are already a piece of art. By adding countless personal artworks and being artistic themselves, the title is EM approved!