During the Eat and Greet on the Binnenrotte, Eurekaweek participants get some time to get to know their group mates. While crates of food and cans of Red Bull are being dragged along, they practice on each other’s names.

“Sofie, Demi, Teun, Nina…”, mentions Izabella. Her fellow group member Debbie has not been memorizing much yet and keeps silent. When Griffith Davanzo is asked about his group’s hobbies, he looks on in disbelief. “I don’t even know their names yet!”

How to get to know each other quickly? Guide Marilyn Bongers likes the firm approach: “Just ask as many questions as possible! I don’t have much trouble talking, so if someone in my group is shy, I just force them to talk a bit!” Laughing: “In a nice way, of course!”