A student's initiative

Sandra started this initiative after finding out that her aunt’s friends were collecting goods for Ukrainian refugees. Being Polish herself, the goods will be shipped to Poland, where they will be  distributed further by relief organisations. The university has not been actively involved in the initiative, which means that Sandra is relying on the help of volunteers. After finding out about Sandra’s idea, the EESA immediately tried to help and support the initiative. “We got all of our board and active members together, to have as many people as possible to help,” Sonia Piasecki, from EESA, said.

Amazing response

Sandra and the EESA have been overwhelmed by the number of goods EUR students donated for the Ukrainians. “We see people coming to our office or leaving stuff in the Polak Building every day,” Karin Aavik, EESA’s Vice President, said. While Sandra’s initial idea was to deliver the goods to Poland in her private car, she is now organising trucks to ship all the collected donations. However, she will not let these logistical challenges stop her from continuing with her initiative. “The response has been amazing, and the needs are still there.”

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