inval rsc bij dsc met vuurwerk
The RSC members took a bat and set off fireworks, among other things.

Videos of the clubhouse invasion shared on social media show members of the Rotterdam fraternity making their way through the DSC clubhouse while the sound of breaking glass can be heard in the background. They are breaking things and yelling at the DSC members present at the clubhouse in an intimidating manner. Not many people were in the clubhouse at the time of the invasion.

“Several members and former members were attacked physically, but thankfully they didn’t sustain any permanent, serious, bodily injuries. One of them has pressed charges on account of assault,” said DSC President Olivier Abbenhuis. He indicated that the extent of the damage had not yet been fully determined but that the damaged things included crockery, furniture and a window.

“We are very sorry that such a large group felt it was necessary and indeed normal to behave like this on another student society’s premises,” said Abbenhuis. “We are concerned about the lack of internal correction in this group.”

Barbaric behaviour

leden RSC vallen binnen bij DSC
Images of the raid on DSC circulate on social media

“An unacceptable and embarrassing action,” agreed RSC/RVSV President Friso van der Werf. He said he was very unhappy about the incident and is doing his best to put things right. “We apologised to the Delftsch Studenten Corps at once and have visited their clubhouse twice by now. We have also expressed our regret to the Delft police service. Furthermore, we will compensate the society for all the damage it has incurred.”

The RSC members involved in the incident – who include three members of the society’s Senate – have been suspended and will remain so until it has been determined who did what. In addition, Van der Werf and the other members of the society’s board have closed the clubhouse for a week to show all members that ‘this kind of barbaric behaviour is undesirable’.

The 41 members of the Rotterdam-based fraternity invaded the Delft clubhouse as a form of ‘payback’, because first-year DSC members had stolen a chair belonging to RSC’s Senate a few weeks ago. A spokesperson for the police indicated that the police had identified all the perpetrators on the spot. So far, the police have not made any arrests.


RSC members are searched by the police after the raid

RSC/RVSV President Van der Werf stated that the society is in close contact with the police and the university regarding the matter. In addition to the police investigation, RSC/RVSV is conducting an investigation of its own. An independent committee made up by former members of the society has been appointed to get to the bottom of who did what and to determine the punishments to be meted out.

“We expect our members to give some thought to the consequences of their behaviour before they do anything, both at our society and elsewhere,” explained Van der Werf. “We have tried to get them to do that for several years now, by means of a culture change. It’s not easy to bring about such a change, though. Our more advanced students – and members of our Senate in particular – should act like role models if we are to change our society’s culture. Actual physical and verbal intimidation shouldn’t be part of that. We wish to eradicate such inappropriate and barbaric behaviour from our society.”

DSC President Abbenhuis stated that things are back to normal at the society’s clubhouse and that he expects to be updated by the police on the investigation soon. All the persons involved have recovered from the incident. So what does Abbenhuis think should happen to the RSC-affiliated invaders? “We are confident that justice will take its course and we assume that RSC/RVSV will keep us posted on any progress they make.”

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