Despite the rain, business student Ewout is ‘enjoying’ the Eurekaweek. “I would like to get to know the city and meet new people this week”, he says. Psychology student Delphine especially enjoys being in a crowd again. For that, there are strict entry requirements with the CoronaCheck app. Raya and Farah are from Indonesia and their vaccination is unfortunately not recognised by the CoronaCheck app. “So we have to test every day, but luckily it’s all pretty easy with the app”, the law students say.

New friends

Delphine says she has not experienced much yet during Eurekaweek, but she is especially happy that she has met many new people. “I met my group and I’m sleeping at the SSR society. So I made a lot of new friends.” What do the students plan to do in their first year? “Mostly studying”, Raya and Farah joke.