We wanted the map to be clear and easy to survey at a glance, because let’s face it, it’s rather confusing that the H Building is not the Hatta Building and the T Building is not related to the Tinbergen Building. For this reason, ikRotterdam distinguished between buildings only referred to by a letter (drawn in yellow) and buildings that have both a name and a letter (drawn in pink). “We want first-year students to be able to find the various buildings at a glance,” says ikRotterdam’s Evalien Lang.

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This is why the buildings on campus have these letters

The Mandeville Building is not the M Building, but rather the T Building. You might…

Where is Tessa?

A few students have been included on the map as well. “Not too many, because that would have made it too hard to provide all the necessary information,” says Marc Kolle. However, the students were included for a reason. “We included some humans to show students what can be done at those particular locations. For instance, near the tennis courts you will see people play tennis, and near the park you’ll see them enjoy a picnic,” Lang adds. Near the Smitse pub you’ll find someone who had a few too many drinks.

Plattegrond campus
Image credit: ikRotterdam

Use the map to win a prize! Try to locate EM’s Tessa on the map. Once you have found her, take a picture of her and send it to erasmusmagazine@em.eur.nl, and perhaps you will be our lucky winner. Be sure to come and pick up the map from EM’s stand at the Eurekaweek information market