After you request the tests via the website, they are delivered in batches of four. They are in a bag with a kind of seal. The bag contains a cotton bud, a small tube of liquid, a white cap for the tube and a white strip that looks very much like a pregnancy test. It also comes with instructions, in Dutch. “The instructions are quite extensive and it is not convenient that they are only described in Dutch,” says Ferayed. “Good reason for internationals to watch this video”, he jokes.

Besides the convenience of being able to perform the test at home, the main difference with a PCR test is that the swab does not need to be as deep. “So you really don’t have to worry about it hurting.” Once you have done the test, you will have the result within 15 to 30 minutes. Two bars means a positive result, a single bar on the control line is a negative result. “And so that also means you can go to campus safely!”