Students find the lack of routine difficult. “Normally you had your studies, sports or other activities around which you planned your day,” says psychology student Shristie Thakoerdien. “But you don’t do that much now.” Her fellow student Domenica Abad agrees. “I stay in my room all the time, behind the computer. Because of that, I find it so difficult to stay motivated.”


Bachelor’s student of International Business and Business Management Adya Koul says she is frustrated. “I haven’t had a normal first year. This realisation often leads to anger and demotivation, because if you can’t have fun, then you don’t feel like working hard.”

Social life

Students especially miss their social life and spontaneous interactions. “I really miss conversations at the coffee machine,” says master student Ana Clara Granzotto (Strategic Management). Adya also misses big events, such as concerts or festivals. “I miss going out very much. Just to be with people, to have a laugh in the bar on a Friday night with people you don’t even know.”

To travel

Most students are looking forward to traveling again, but for International Business Administration student Valerio Bruno, a visit to terraces and restaurants is also a priority. “I’m from southern Italy, so food is important to me. When the lockdown is over, the first thing I’m going to do is going to a restaurant for a tasty pizza.” Shristie also has big plans for after the lockdown, she says with a laugh: “I’m definitely going to get wasted with my friends!”