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Gerson F. was so angry that he ‘wanted to hurt somebody’

He had no intention to rape, Gerson F. claimed in court. Gerson is the defendant in the…

In July 2018, F. followed the Indonesian student when she cycled towards Kralingen from the centre of Rotterdam. He attacked her by her front door in De Esch. She was not only raped; he also tried to strangle her with a T-shirt. She barely survived the attack.

The sentence imposed is now higher than the original judge’s decision. The judge had tried the then 18-year-old F. as a minor, partly because, as child, he was a victim of neglect and physical and sexual abuse. The judge at that time imposed a sentence of two years in youth detention and youth involuntary commitment.


As his many disorders have not diminished since that time, the court decided to try him as an adult and impose involuntary commitment with involuntary treatment. The court considers this to be more appropriate in a case in which the victim received life-threatening injuries.

“On appeal it was determined that the suspect has a severe personality disorder and diminished responsibility”, stated the court. According to the court, the risk that F. will again demonstrate sexual or violent behaviour is extremely high.

Silent march

The incident caused great turmoil in the student community in 2018. Following the brutal rape, students organised a silent march against sexual violence.


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Student of EUR is victim of rape

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