Lena Funk (Psychology) looks back on the party in the building located on the corner of campus Woudestein. “At 10 pm security officers came to close the doors. I remember them standing in front of the entrance. They didn’t even go into the building, but they just called the police.”

“It was a very chaotic”, says Business Administration student Anna Geist. “But to be fair, I hear a lot of similar stories from Amsterdam.”

wijkagent Shelley van de Veen in EM TV

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Everything cancelled

Psychology student Farida Amr didn’t attend the party: “Because I have an immune deficiency, it felt too risky to go.” She does understand why her fellow residents had organised the party. “Everyone here is a first-year student, so a lot of us really missed out on stuff in our senior year (of high school, ed.). Graduation parties, prom, everything was cancelled. And that has been going on since March. A lot of us expected to finally get a student life but that didn’t happen.”

Anna agrees: “It’s obviously hard to keep up with all these restrictions because it is our first year in university.” She also stresses that she and her fellow Xior residents learned something from the incident: “Now we try to keep it calmer, since we don’t want any issues with the police or with security. So we’re having small gatherings of three or four people in a room.”


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